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Ivy Lucille Designs

was started at no surprise to anyone but me.  My family has been in fiber since I was in grade school. Elaine (I like to call her mom) was the mom knitting at every kids sporting event. Mom taught to knit when I was 9. I started a baby blanket of my own design. I was going to knit it flat but ended up knitting it in the round. Was that a mistake? OR my own design?


 As a teenager, I never knit I chose to focus on school, mostly how not to go without being caught. I would enlist my mom to knit me sweaters.  Once she was finished I would tell her I didn't like them because of XYZ.  Was I an ungrateful teenager? Yes. Or was I a budding designer? Maybe?


When I hit my twenties I picked up the ol' needles and fell completely in love with knitting. I started designing my own projects just for me. I learn about the importance of gauge (THERE I SAID IT AND IT FELT GREAT)

 I found Ravelry and started following other designers. I picked pattern more for learning about knitting techniques more than wanting a finished project. 


I like to design fun projects where you might learn a technique or enjoy mastering a new one!   


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